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I think i'm getting better ;)
these are some of the pics of dont in the past 5 monthes.. i've done about 20 in my life :P.. not along time hehehehe
but these are certainly the best .. tell me watchya think in the guest book .. if u have anything to say that is...


Ok this is my first one.. I really love this one.. it took me the longest.. i really drew becuz i wanted to draw some rims heheh.. so this is what came out of it..


2003 Mustang :)  i did this in  an hour and a half..
kewl   ha !


for all jeep lovers .. ENJOY
This is the kewlest drawing ;) , just pencil work.. i didnt want the black and white effect :P.. pencil is kewler dont ya think...
3 hours work hehehe...
check out the shark in the river LOL..


If you see the C4 page .. that is why i drew this car :P ..this was a quiky.. but nice..


This jeep is a salute to the 1996 grand sport corvette.. if I had a jeep.. this would be it !!