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Ever since the first corvette roled off the assembely line on
 june 30th 1953, corvette's have been the dream car of millions
of people around the world.
The corvettes look, and sheer power have been and still
are the best features of this All American sport car.
Without compromising any safety feature's, corvettes are a well
build car. and for a sticker price of around $40,000 its a best
buy sport car.


As many other car's change styles every decade.
So has the corvette.The corvette has produced
some of the most beautiful cars todate like :
-the 67 427 corvette roadster.
-or what about the 57 classic.
-how about a 405hp  ZR-1 corvette.
-Not enough horse power? try stepping into a 1993
callaway 600hp vette!
-want something new? try a 2001 Lingenfelter 7.0 L
Monster !

Some poeple might wonder what C1 or C4 means. Well each time
GM changed the style of the corvette they called it a new generation,
so the first generation corvette was called C1. And so on. to tell them
apart each year had a different style and the generations are like this:
  • C1 : from 1953 to 1962
  • C2 : from 1963 to 1967
  • C3 : from 1968 to 1982
  • C4 : from 1984 to 1996
  • C5 : from 1997 to 2004