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My EeLs

Well i finnaly bought me my very own fresh water tank on the 23rd of june 2004.

I've been diying to get one for so long but not fresh water, i wanted a salt water aquarium. A saltwater aquarium was kinda gonna need a lot more $$ so i decided i'll stick to the fresh water since its better for a bigginer i guess..
ok now on to the good stuff :)
Tank Size       48 gallons (140 L)
Filtration        Sponge filter
Lighting         Standard tank lights  

Tank Decor   12.5Kg sand, two corral rocks, ceramic tree root.

Inhabitants     2 fire eels (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia), Ambulia plant.


 the fire eels grow to be 1 meter long in the wild or 80CM in captivity.
they are about 13 inches (28cm) in length Now.
water standard for the eels should be:
24-28 celcius
6.5-8  PH
10-15 GH
the eels eat blood worms, and dried shrimp.
ofcourse thats what they SHOULD.. but i'm still trying to find out now.
here are some pics ....