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Wellcome to my Homepage..
   -Hi there..
well if you have been in here lately you'd have noticed how slowly things have been moving, well thats true becuase my college life and friends are taking alot of that time, But HEY i'm back.. ;)
Ok so what i'm gonna do is.. re-arrange the WHOLE SITE.. its not just for My Vette anymore, its gonna be for my hobbies.. It will be more about me, and what i like to do, and what i'm doing now.
So check back frequently for changes and new updates with more pics and more content.


Dont forget to give me your real opinion on the site.. all comments are wellcome except Bad language.. so dont waste my time erasing them.. and express ur mind !  :P
-when u type in the code at the bottom of ur comments dont forget to use capital or small letters.. as u see it in the box .. thank you !

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